Jefferson Elementary ~ YOU rock!

So. The KXLY piece aired today. Here it is!  They did a really nice job. 

One thing I would like to clarify.  Jefferson Elementary is hosting the drive.  The staff/teachers & families have worked to make this happen.  We have received such a tremendous outpouring of support from our school.  It’s amazing the kind of relationships that can occur through your OffSpring’s education.  This is our fourth of thirteen years with Jefferson.  Provided Gregory is able to remain on “schedule” with his education.  That is, obviously, yet to be realized. 

Due to all this, Gregory will not be able to start pre-school this fall.  Our OffSpring are all Montessori educated.  We are fortunate enough to be in the Spokane Public Schools Montessori Program.  With Montessori, it is broken into three year, “segments”.  Gregory would have been starting his first hear of three, prior to the first grade.  Since he won’t be going, I’ve decided to try my best at showing him what he needs at home and during our stay in Seattle.  Which means we need Montessori education materials.  The community has been awesome.

The week of the blood/marrow drive will be designated as “Gregory Bibb” week.  The students have banded together and are raising funds for Gregory’s “Education Fund”.  They are helping us to get him the materials he needs, in order to stay on an educational “track”.  It’s pretty exciting and moving to see everyone do this.  The students have made these absolutely beautiful PinWheels.  They are planning on offering them in exchange for donations to Gregory’s Education Fund. 

I am daily reminded of the power of the collective spirit.  We are in no way in this alone.  We are all experiencing this together.  Thanks for journeying with us.  


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