Being proactive is my friend. Truly.

Man, I tell you, I am not a fan of surprises.

We had counts today and KXLY tagged along. I have no idea how it’s going to turn out. I have no idea what the ultimate “take home” message is going to be. MY message? Support your community, donate blood & get on the bone marrow registry

While we were waiting for results, our coordinator let us know that TOMORROW we are going to have (I say WE, like I’m going through it, too.  Ugh!) another bone marrow biopsy.  The purpose?  Dr Reynolds wants to monitor Gregory’s blast count and find out if we need to do any maintenance.  Be proactive about getting ready for Seattle.  It would really suck if we had some work to do, before we could start chemo and get to Seattle.  It would delay the transplant.  THANK  YOU Dr Reynolds for being proactive!!!!

Today’s numbers:  Platelets~ 96, White blood cells ~ 9.6!, Red blood cells ~ 3.74, Hematocrit ~ 28.1

Hopefully, he won’t chew through too many platelets between now and his biopsy.  I don’t know if they consider this evasive enough to worry about low counts.  They would not place his central line with his platelets below 75. 

They already have five bone marrow biopsy’s on the schedule.  Ours will make six.  (YES!  I can has MATH skillz!)  They only are allowed THREE!!!   So, they need to do some creative scheduling.  They will be calling us with an appointment time and of course, NPO times.  This procedure includes sedation, so he will need to not eat/drink after a certain time.  I don’t remember much about his last biopsy, imagine that, but apparantly the sedation burned and he experienced some pain.  Larry remembered this.  Larry is thinking that since he has a central line, now, that he will feel it less.  Me, too.

Friday is a big day for Larry, I’ll probably need my mom to take care of the bigger OffSpring, so I’ll be going it alone.  Which is totally OK with me.  I have this habit of feeling the need to “entertain” whoever is with me.  Unless it’s Larry.  Make sure they have what they need, make sure they are ok………  Old habits are hard to break.  The good part is that I will, hopefully, get quite a bit done on AnnMarie’s sweater.  The pocket is finished, I’m working on getting the body to match in length, then fusing the two together.  That’s the fun part, seeing it all come together. 

I’m beginning to create my “cancer” village and it feels GREAT!!!!!!!!!!  The most recent habitant is incredible.  Due to our recent conversation, I’ve been able to shake some of the glum I’ve been feeling.  I have this really strange feeling about “hope”.  There is no action in this word.  It’s a feeling that you “give it up and let it go” kinda thing.  I believe in manifestation, but how do you manifest something so comepletly beyond one’s scope of experience and knowledge.  Also, the recipient is not me.  Can one manifiest for others?  Meanwihile, in order to cope, I have this “It is what it is” attitude.  Hope/pragmatism/facts/manifiestation     Will they all come together and will we have a “healed” outcome?  Who knows.  All I DO know, is there is a ton of positive energy surrounding this little man and our family.  No matter what, we will prevail.  I just need to remember to enjoy the Odyssey, along the way.  I was driving to the J-O-B the other day and got to thinking that these years will be remembered as “The Lost Years”.  Upon further thought, that is totally NOT how I want to remember them.  We still have much to experience and enjoy.  I just need to constantly remind myself of this.

Gregory and I are going to hang out for a bit, now.  Gotta jet!


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