Here’s a little story I’ve got to tell………………

I’m a little OCD. (No brainer, for those that know me!) When this Odyssey began, I had absolutely zero appetite. I was getting by on V-8 juice, daily vitamins, daily tylenol, COFFEE, tea and soy milk.

Since then, eating heavy/large meals is challenging. From time to time, I’m able to eat a “normal” meal.

When we got home the only thing I wanted, and still want, is yogurt with granola and really good chips and salsa. This is typically all I eat, these days. Well, that and the occasional Girl Scout Cookie. It is that time of year, again.

I’m really picky about my yogurt. My favorite is Yami.  No one is Spoklahoma will carry it.  The ever-so-lovely Celeste, owner of Chaps, uses it in her yogurt parfaits.  Which is my standard order for Friday-Morning-Therapy.  She willingly has been selling me containers of it, so I can have it at home.  Also, Mrs Bowman and my dear friend April, have MADE granola for us.  🙂 

Here’s the story:
My good friend Tana’s neighbor, Tom, has been tirelessly trying to get it stocked, somewhere, for me.  As with Tana, he is a Capricorn and in true Capricorn fashion, he will not cease until his goal is achieved.  He has forwarded me the email communications that he has had with the company.  Basically, we need to find a retailer in Spoklahoma who will shelve it.

Local Yocals:  Are you familiar with Yami???  Do you LOVE  it???  URM would be the store that would be responsible for distributing it.  Isn’t URM a branch of Rosaurer’s?  Maybe we could get Rosaurer’s to shelve it?  Here’s the contact for URM, Doug Titus at 509-467-3673.  I’m planning on making a call, myself.

Am I a dork?  Hellz to the Yeah!  I LOVE this yogurt and desperate times, call for desperate measures.  Besides, once you’ve tried it, you’ll never go back to Mountain High.

*giggle freely, ’cause I know you want to*

Also:  Curtis comes up with some of the STRANGEST conversations.  Today’s?

Curtis:  “Mommy, if you were on a deserted island, would you eat your foot?”

Me:  “Heck no!”

Curtis:  “Sissy, would you eat your foot?”

AnnMarie:  “Can I have Sweet & Sour?”

Me:  *cracking up, with my back turned*


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