Peds Onc Clinic is filled with AWESOME!!!

Why?, you might ask.  Well, on Wednesday we knew Gregory would be getting platelets, today.  So…..  What did they do last night???  THEY ORDERED THE PLATELETS!  They were ready and waiting for us at our 9:00 appointment!  The best part, we were home by 12:30!  Which included a stop at Chaps to pick up some yummy Yami yourgurt!  It is the best yogurt, EVAR! 

Today’s numbers:  HCT:  31 ~ RBC: 4.10 ~ PLT: 23 ~ WBC: 17.4

Here are the “normal” ranges for these indicators:  HCT: 34.0-40.0 ~ RBC: 3.90-5.30 ~ PLT: 250-550- ~ WBC: 6.0-15.5

His hematocrit is holding!  He is just chewing through the platelets, though.  I will soon be receiving a phone call with is post transfusion platelet numbers. 

While I was there, I picked up a really great book.  Recommended to my by someone on the BMT-listserve.  “Childhood Leukemia” by Nancy Keene.  It looks like a great book.  I’m anxious to get into it.  I’m a facts and figures nut, so this is great for me. 

Yesterday we all hung out together and vegged.  Curtis and AnnMarie went over to Nana’s for a sleepover, late afternoon.  Which meant that since it was a Thursday, we had a window of opportunity to take Gregory out for a quiet meal.  After a quick shower and dressing change, the three of us headed to Applebee’s (Thank you Will & Gina!) 

I’ve been trying to get some hats knitted for Gregory.  I picked up some awesome Cascade Sierra Quatro yarn.  It’s 80% Cotton & 20% wool.  Everytime I try a new Cascade yarn, I’m reminded how much I am in love with it.  Note to self:  When casting on and using a k2, P2 rib?  Mke sure your stitch count is divisible by FOUR, not TWO. 

I’ve been trying to post this for the last 30 minutes.  I  need to jet.  Gregory is espcially needy and cranky.  I can’t seem to to anything right, for the time being.  This is due in part to the fact that his “routine” at the clinic was off.  Someone else drew his labs this morning and she did not want to sit on the floor.  Gregory likes me to sit on the floor, him in my lap, while they take vitals and draw labs.  Kari & Katie are more than accomodating for him.  This threw his whole day into a tizy.  It’s continuing.  He’s calling for me to sit with him, so I’m gonna go do that.  More later.  Gotta jet!  NOW!


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