Arrrrrgh, Matey!

Nothing too dramatic to report, today. I went to the J-O-B. Gregory hung out with Nana until Daddy picked up AnnMarie from school at 1:00. Curtis came down with a rumbly stomach last night. He had to stay quarantined to his room. Which he handled with grace. Curtis has been so great, through all this. Gregory slept late-ish and woke up in pain. Yet, none of us could get his Tylenol with Codeine in him. Since he was in pain, he did not want to eat or drink. I got home around 5:30 and managed to get him to take some Magic Soda around six. It kicked in and he felt so much better. I wish he could get the connection between willingly taking medicine and it making him feel better. Yet, he would also get that his Chemo makes him feel worse. Double edged sword, with THAT one. I was able to shower him and get his Central Line dressing changed with little trauma. I think the site is healing, which means less pain. He also had that Coediene on board, too. He ate a little bit and played with AnnMarie. Laughing, giggling and “treasure hunting” ensued. “Mommy, where’s the X?”

On another note. My 20 year high school reunion is this summer. The timing couldn’t be crappier. I loved high school. I was so excited to see everyone, again. I’ve been on FaceBook for some time, now. Within the last few months, classmates have been showing up in droves. It’s been awesome to re-connect and kinda get to know each other, again. I was really looking forward to the reunion, because of FaceBook, too. Afterall, the preliminary shit is out of the way. Alot of us have gotten the “What have YOU been doing for the last 20 years?” question out of the way. Which would mean the akward, tentative conversations would have been out of the way. It’s amazing to see what everyone has done with their lives. My fellow classmates are doing some pretty awesome things. Depending on Gregory’s “health”, I’ve considered coming back for it. It all depends on what kind of shape he is in during the first weekend of August. We will have to see.

Blood counts, tomorrow. Curtis and AnnMarie will be spending the night with Nana. Which means, I should be able to crank out a few chores.

Before signing off, a few more thank you’s:

missjust, mccorkleknight, Will & Casey: Thank you so much for the cards for the OffSpring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Curtis LOVED the giftcard, AnnMarie couldn’t believe that you knew she LOVED guitars (HOW did they know, Mommy?). She also wore the little necklace today, to show all her classmates, and Gregory has been hunting for treasure all night. Handmade treasure maps included, of course.

Renee’ O. You inspire me. I love you.

Kerry Ann, I forgot to thank you for my lunch/dinner, today. Remember, I get it. ♥

Gotta jet.  Fierce squeezes to you all.


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