He brings home the bancon AND fries it up in a pan.

Today’s high point? After working a full day today, I get home at 5:30. Guess what? The OffSpring are sitting down to dinner and the dishes are nearly half finished. Also? Enough yummy baked salmon for me, too. Larry truly enjoys cooking. Do I feel upstaged in the kitchen. Heh, are you kidding me? NEVER. Food is ALWAYS better when prepared AND cleaned up after, by someone else. Thanks, L. You made my day. ( I know, PDA. I’ll stop.)

From what I can tell Gregory had a great day. I love it that when he is ready to crash, he asks for me to come lay with him. We laid together on the Cosmic couch (which turns into a bed). He was curled up playing his Leapster, leaning against me, while I cruised the interwebs. This experience is going to change our relationship. Lifelong. I will not have this kind of bond with the other OffSpring. Which means I will need to work doubly hard, with them.

Despite the next two days events, I get to spend them, with him.

Besides, how can you resist cuddling up next to this:
Sweet youngin'

Amy, Ryan and Joe…… thank you. 110% Snuggling is one of our favorite pastimes. How did you know?

Sandra BB ~ I’m speechless. Thank you.

Dishes are calling me and blue jeans are tired of being wet. Gotta jet.


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