More of the mundane.

Trying to remember about yesterday.  Gregory woke up pretty hard and couldn’t quite settle, for the rest of the day.  Nana came over and sat with him, while I went for Coffee therapy.  The lovely Miss M joined us for coffee.  Thanks for coming, girl.  Your stories liven it up.  On the way home I stopped in to Shopko to pick up some luggage.  ‘Cause I NEVER travel and don’t own a piece of luggage that isn’t less than 20 years old.  Vintage luggage doesn’t work, either.  I needed something I could beat up and not worry about it’s value.  Shopko was running a clearance sale on their luggage and it worked out well. 

Some very good friends are in town.  Heidi and Paul.  Their daughter Lindsay is here for a basketball tournament.  Heidi, Paul, Lauren & Sydney (the twins) stopped by the house for hellos and comfort.  Heidi and the girls brought Gregory a build-a-bear frog.  He’s so stinkin’ cute.  They also remember Curits and AnnMarie  and brought them WebKinz. 

Gregoy was a little overwhelmed and crabby.  He didn’t eat well, yesterday.  After picking up Cutis and AnnMarie we stopped at the grocery story and I picked up stuff for milkshakes and powdered milk to make fortified milk.  Powdered Milk + milk = Fortified Milk.  Anyplace we use milk for him, we are using fortified milk.  Thankfully he really likes milk.  Also, he loves Blueberries!!!!  Chocolate Blueberry shake, anyone???  Even though this is low-dose chemo, for now, I want to make sure that his nutritional needs are being met.  I do not want to see a feeding tube. 

Gregory fell asleep about 1:30 and took a great nap.  When he woke up, he still was crabby and not feeling well.  I think his stomach started to give him grief.  He started askin to go to the hospital.  Then all of a sudden about 9:00 he turned a huge corner.  He was happy and playful and hungry.  For a few hours, Gregory was Gregory.  Larry and I both looked at each other in amazement and we were grateful to have it, regardless of the time of day.  We read a book together, colored together and he ate.  Gregory has always been a grazer, so offering food to him at all times, is not an issue. 

This morning we woke up late.  9:00!!!  Gregory is still happy and playful.  I feel like such a bad mom, though.  I sneak his crushed pills into about 4 oz of soda.  We never drink soda, so, of course, when it’s around he wants it.  Gregory is far too smart for me to try and hide it in food.  The soda works perfect.  He thinks he’s getting a treat, meanwhile I’m feeding him poison.  Poison that will save his life, but poison, none the less. 

AnnMarie spent the night with Nana, last night and Gregory and Curtis are getting along GREAT this morning.  They are having fun, playing together. 

My attitude, lately has been less than diplomatic.  I try really hard to to be respectful of everyone’s situations.  I currently feel like wearing a button that says, “My kids got Cancer.  What’s YOUR excuse?”  There is so much that just does not matter, right now.


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