& Knitting!

Feeling spammy, today.

I’ve started AnnMarie’s sweater. This yarn is so flippin’ yummy. I’m trying to decide if I’m going to use the same yarn for myself. I need to see if it comes in greens. I really want a green one. I’m using the same pattern for AnnMarie that I used for Gregory. It is the greatest pattern. The Wonderful Wallaby This picture does not do this yarn justice.

If you don’t know about, you should.  They are linked with flickr and are the best “business cards” EVAR!!  I’ve been using them for a few years, now.  You design them, upload pics, whatever you want.  There is also a keychain holder that makes accessing them super simple.  I love them.  I designed some for Gregory, the name of his cancer and TheGreginator.  They turned out perfect. 

Not a very good pic.  My macro skills suck.  These remind me of turn of the centruy calling cards, with personality.  Go moo.  It’s fun.


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