Dentist & General Anesthesia

We just got back from the dentist.  Gregory has a few cavities and crowded teeth.  With his compromised system, they want to get it all done at once and as efficiently as possible.  Which means that next Wednesday the 25th (the one month anniversary of his diagnosis) he will be going under general anesthesia to accomplish this.  Which means a through check of his counts, prior to, possibly another transfusion.  It’s kinda weird to think that he is going to be put under for dental work.  It makes complete sense, though.  He needs to be in tip top condition, prior to transplant.  Your mouth is one of the first avenues for infection.  Something he cannot have now or post transplant.  So.  We are still waiting on a donor match and we have a blood count appointment on Thursday.  That’s all for now, folks.  Gotta jet.


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