March 11, 2009

1:38 AMWhew!  What a day.  I got home at 4:00, after dropping The Offspring at Nana’s.  Nana has always taken them for a few hours on Tuesday and AnnMarie has guitar lessons on Tuesdays, too.  It works out really well.  Gregory practically had tears in his eye when I walked in the door.  He was pretty happy to see me.  After all, 24/7 Mommy for two weeks will do that to you.  Larry took off for the barn and things were great.  About 5:00 Gregory curled up in the corner of the couch, started moaning, clutching his belly, sweating and said “Mommy, need to go to the hospital.”  I didn’t give it much thought.  He has been living the hospital for a while now and, well, ya know.  Then about 15 minutes later it happened again.  Then he got real  clingy.  Unbeknownst to me, he then proceeded to fill his shorts.  Then again on the potty, after a bath and change of clothes.  It was at this point that I started to worry.  What if this is sickness and I  ignore it?  I pulled out my Cancer Parent Handbook and looked up the section of when to call.  There is a list and you are to call if any ONE of the symptoms are present.  Well, Gregory had four.  Granted no fever, but several of the items listed.  So I called.  They sent us to the ER.  Guess what?  When you have cancer, you get seen and treated right away.  No waiting for Gregory.  Except when you get admitted and have to wait to be transfered.  Ugh!  We headed down to the hospital about 7:45 and finally got to our room at 12:15ish.  They ran the same blood tests as last week, and we should have word soon.  One bummer is that he is under house arrest, again.  No venturing out of his room, for now.  We are also back in our original room.  With the killer view.  So if you get a ticket on 3rd and Division?  I’ll see it.  Perfectly. 

Apparently our Oncologist is considered conservative in his patient care.  Which suits me just fine.  I would rather be cautious than not.  So, here we are for who knows how long.  (We WILL go home tomorrow! Right?)

Work was work.  It’s always been a J-O-B for me.  Nothing flashy, nothing that fills my soul.  Yet, it’s the best J-O-B I could have.  Seriously.  People keep commenting that it must be nice to ‘get away”.  Well, to be honest, if I wanted to “get away” for a few hours, it wouldn’t be work.  It would be time with friends, or a super dark brewski in a quiet corner with a good book/knitting & my tunes.  Being with my family is all I want to do.  For now.  There will be a day when this will change.  Right now, it is what it is.  I’ll go to work, plugged and chug and do the right thing.  I probably wouldn’t if Larry wasn’t behind me, supporting me to go.  ‘Cause I  know realistically, I NEED to work.  On many levels, I need to work.  He knows this and is gently “shoving” me out the door.  Which I am grateful for.  Today he sent me a picture of the RugRat asleep on the couch at 11:10.    He was sacked out!  I must admit, a few tears were shed.

Depending on what happens tomorrow AM, Larry is going to come and be with Gregory, while I head to work for a bit.  Remember, we are going home tomorrow.  Early. 


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