Hospital Stay #3 of ????????????

Once again, we are home! Comfy clothes are on, the OffSpring are sleeping and did I mention, we are home??? Gregory failed to have any further symptoms. So a stool sample was not necessary. Thank you! I was anxious about how we were going to accomplish THAT task. He’s nervous enough about stuff, right now. Larry came down to the hospital this morning, after OffSpring drop-off, and sat with Gregory while I went to work for a few hours. I must admit, I’m a little on overload. This last trip was exhausting. It’s starting to catch up with me. We headed home about 6:00 this evening, I called Larry on the way and he had plans to take Curtis & AnnMarie to Applebees’s. His words, “I don’t want to you cook.” Thank you, thank you, thank you. I would have done it and it would have been OK, it was just so nice to unload the car and be at home. I have learned that if I need to do something, I need to do it NOW. Simple little tasks. Just get it done. ‘Cause I don’t know what the next hour or two will bring. AnnMarie is still sick. I really miss cuddling and being close with her. She does, too. I’m trying to keep myself healthy and have been staying at least 3 feet away from the kids when they are sick. It’s HARD! Larry does a great job of monitoring the “safe distance”. I have a hard time telling them to “go in the other room, please”.

This trip to the hospital was probably not necessary. I had a gut feeling that it was nothing. Except, I can’t take any risks. It could literally mean life or death for Gregory. His numbers are holding. No word on a match, yet. I think it’s still too early. It will be a week, tomorrow.

The OffSpring’s school is going to have a blood drive!! I’ve asked that they do the drive for Inland Northwest Candlelighters. The Candlelighters have a “bank” of blood, that has been donated, that is used for families whose insurance does not cover transfusions. When you do a blood drive, all you need do is stipulate that the blood is for your local Candlelighter’s Chapter. I’m excited to see this happen. So, if your local, stay tuned. Details to follow. If you not local, go. Donate blood at your local center and tell them it’s for your local Candlelighters.

Tomorrow we have a 9:00 doctors appointment, then NOTHING ELSE!! Gregory’s central line dressing needs to be changed. I’m hoping it goes well. It’s taking a long time for his petechea to go away. Everytime I remove something adhesive from his skin, he gets more. Thankfullly, it’s not too often. Also, hard tears will make it appear. The last 24 hours contained alot of hard tears. He’s only 100% comfortable with Mommy doing things for him. Anyone else and he gets pissed. I was going to head into work tomorrow, yet it’s not gonna happen. I need to take a few hours, when I can.

I talked with his doc today and I need to get all his dental done before we go to Seattle. The sooner the better. I called his dentist yesterday and was relieved to hear that they are familiar with treating kids like Gregory. Dental work is one of the quickest ways to obtain an infection. Also, with his low platelets, extra care needs to be taken. Gregory does have at least ONE cavitiy. Once he is post transplant, dental work is out of the question. I don’t know for how long, yet the health of baby teeth will determine the health of his adult teeth. Addtionally, during chemo and post transplant, his diet is going to be funky. I don’t forsee toothbrushing to happen all too often, either.

Oh yeah, our school bond/levy election was yesterday. IT PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There was quite a bit of “nervousness” over it’s passing. We needed a 40% voter turn out of the last general election, in order to simply qualify the bond for approval. The kicker? The last general election was the record breaking Presidential election. Thankfully everyone hard work and commitment payed off. Thank you to every last one of you who worked tirelessly to get those ballots turned in. Also to everyone to voted. You have made a significant difference. ♥

As a side note:  Not that I should have to clarify this but…….  This journal is about Gregory and my point of view.  The sibs have NOT been forgotten or neglected.  At this point they are not making a huge impact on day to day life.  Mainly due to the fact that Gregory and I haven’t bee home much.  They are constantly on my mind and when we are together we re-connect. 

I think I’m about out of anything to say.  For now.  Until later.  Gotta jet.


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