Back to the ER

Gregory had chills, sweats, stomach cramps and loose stools.  We are headed back to the ER.  I  don’t think it’s anything crucial.  Just another precaution.  *crosses fingers*

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Living with Magnificence. Kicking Childhood Cancer's Ass.
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One Response to Back to the ER

  1. Jose says:

    Michelle – HiI know I am a bit late on this one but I love the pic of the maternity shoot with the miriutane train ride. And the first time you used the blue bins at WalMart. If I went thru all your stuff i would find more but those are the two off the top. Are you making a portfolio? Oh, and the ones of the really fat babies all naked on a black backdrops.Also, i think you are going to get a lot of beautiful Christmas cards this year- mine included. Can you send me your home address in an email?Thanks,M

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