Hum Drum

Rub ‘n Scrub, Phase I, started yesterday.  We are now stocked on paper towels, bleach, cleaner with bleach, Lysol spray, Clorox wipes, antibacterial soap & antibacterial gel.  The bathroom received the treatment, yesterday.  Today, we just kinda laid low.

AnnMarie is still suffering from a pretty heavy head cold.  Curtis is under isolation until Monday.  It’s killing me to keep the kids separate, but we really can’t take a chance.

I get this text today:
“Mike just finished the Firefighter Columbia Tower Stair climb in Seattle.  (big fundraiser for leukemia & lymphoma) and told a TV reporter before hand that he was climbing for Gregory Bibb”

Mike is husband to my very awesome friend Lisa.  Mike is a Firefighter, here in Spokane and Lisa is an inspiration and a Journalist.  I love you guys!!

Gregory had a shower today and did really well.  I had to cover his Central Line dressing and he cooperated so nicely.  Even helped me out a bit.  When I removed the Tegaderm (used to protect the dressing) he showed little dots of Petechia.  Which can be a sign of low Platelets.  We already know his platelets are low, it was just further proof that this thing is real.  I have moments when everything seems normal and then vertigo sets in and it all spins back into focus.  I’m still waiting for my breaking point.  I admit that I can’t settle on anything for more than 30 minutes at a time.  Thankfully, there is lots to keep busy with.  If all goes well, I will be going to the office on Tuesday. 

Gregory has a doctor’s appointment, tomorrow.  Blood draw and exam.  Then again on Thursday.  I’ve nearly completed packing separate bags for the hospital.  They are available to grab at a moments notice. 

AnnMarie is not sleeping well tonight.  I just go.  Till later, gotta jet.


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