Home, home on the range.

We are home again!  This is also going to be part of our normal routine.  Frequent, short hospital stays.  That is, until transplant.

I did get the floor numbers for transfusion.  His platelets needs to drop to 20 and his hematocrit (HCT) needs to drop to 22%.   This morning his platelets were at 38 and his hct was at 24.3%.  Compared to Friday:  Platelets 44 and hct of 26.6%  So his numbers are declining, but not super quick and drastic.  If either drops he will receive Platelets or Red Blood Cells (for the hct).

Blasts are immature blood cells.  In the world of Leukemia his blast count is super low.  Which is a hallmark of JMML.  It’s been fluctuating between 1% & 2%.  Today’s draw yielded 3%.  Not quite sure what this means, but it’s something I’m keeping my eye on and need to check with doc on, come Monday.

The blood tests and cultures that they did yesterday all came back negative.  Which is the main reason we got to come home so soon.  Despite the fact that Curtis is recovering from stomach flu and AnnMarie has a raging head cold.  Not much we can do about it.  Face masks, isolation and antibacterial soap/gel are our current best friends.

Gregory is happily chomping down lunch.  The OffSpring are home and quarantined to Curtis’ room.  *shrug*  Not much else we can do, for now. 

More later.  Gotta jet!


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