Back to our regularly scheduled program……

Gregory had a Dr appointment today.  He slept in and woke up crabby and warm.  I  took his temp and my thermometer read 100.5.  So I rushed around and threw together a few bags for an anticipated admit.  Sure enough, we are now settled in our new room, back at Peds Onc.  He is taking it really well and we are making fun out of it.  My mom has offered to take the other two OffSpring for sleep-overs every Friday, so Larry is going to drop them off, feed the hay burners and head down to see Gregory.  OffSpring free.  While it is a bummer not to be at home, I feel relieved that Gregory’s health is not in mine & Larry’s hands for the next few days.  We will probably be here for 30-48 hours.  They ran some blood tests/cultures to rule out any “bug”, he has been started on antibiotics.  According to someone here, I can’t remember if it was a nurse or the doc, when kids like Gregory get an antibiotic treatable bug, they can get toxic after the administration of antibiotics, ’cause the Antibiotic goes to work to kill whatever is there and toxins are released in the process.  Which you or I could easily conquer with normal functioning white blood cells,  Gregory’s white blood cells are far from functioning “normally”.

A very dear friend of mine made a very sage suggestion.  I’ve been worried about one of the sibs being a match.  While this is our best route, I really am not looking forward to the weight that this action will carry for them.  Life long.  Regardless of the outcome.  Her suggestion?  Don’t tell them which one.  Which sounds all well and good until now.  As I typed this I realized that this is not possible.  ‘Cause whoever it is will have to go through the process of “harvesting” the good marrow.  You can’t do the procedure on both just to protect feelings down the road.  *shrug*  I really wish there was an easy answer to this.  I desperately want it to be one of them, I desperately want them to not match.

Another suggestion from a friend.  It was that I should have one place in my life where no one knows that Gregory has cancer.  Someplace where I  can go and “escape” this vortex that we find ourselves in.  While this sounds like a very awesome idea, I  have a hard time putting something like this into practice.  I have a habit of bearing my soul.

Gregory is no longer confined to his hospital room.  We are currently in the playroom, he is gleefully discovering all the great “new” things to do.  His favorite activity?  Playing in the kitchen.  He LOVES to play cook.  Dialogue and all.

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by, recently, dropped off gifts/supplies and your general presence.  I do need to say a big thank you to the mysterious gift bearer from AnnMarie’s classroom.  The gifts for Gregory and my Toiletry Kit are awesome.  They are/will be so handy in the months to come.

More later.  Gotta jet.


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