Home sweet home.

The decision to send us home was a swift one. Gregory’s blood counts, while not good, were OK enough to monitor from home. The only thing keeping us from going home was Central Line training. They found out that the training could be done from home and we were cut loose. Before we left we had a visit from our local chapter of CandleLighters.  Talk about an amazing organization.  She came in with this large rolling “suitcase bag” filled with goodies.  All kids of books about childhood cancer, chemo and coping.  First aid supplies, snacks, a binder for keeping stuff together with “office supplies”, a portable DVD player…….  We also were given something for Curtis and AnnMarie.  Curtis got this really great video game called “Remission”, I thought it would be cheesy, it’s totally up Curtis’ alley, I think it will help him.  AnnMarie got a beautiful wooden art set filled with “real” artists supplies.  She was absolutely thrilled.  Her comment:  “Did they KNOW I was an artist?” 

We walked in the door at 3:30.  After unloading the ton of stuff we hac accumilated in 9 days, the work began.  The IV folks stopped by and dropped off our Central line stuff and gave me a quick in-service.  They will be by at 10:00 today to do the full training.  The kids had a date with Nana, which was so perfect, it allowed me a few hours to settle and start to organize.  They were so happy to see us home.  We had a quick discussion regarding handwashing and why we needed to do it.  We also had a quick discussion regarding Gregory’s cancer.  What it is, how it works and how we are going to fix it.  It wasn’t a heavy conversation.  This is going to be an ongoing conversation.  They will get the info along the way.  Once they hit the hay, I sat down with my binders and books and started organizing, ’cause that’s what I do.  Gregory fell asleep almost immediately and before long, I couldn’t keep my eyes open.  I was out by 10:00.  Slept ’til 6:00. 

Now the real work begins.  I must admit that being in the hospital has a sense of comfort.  I know he is safe there, if anything should happen, response is fast.  Despite his raised white count, he is not able to handle sickness.  He cannot get sick.  If his temp reaches 100.5, it means a call to the doctor, a visit to the ER, an admit, IV antibiotics and a 48 hour stay.  The thing that kills me the most, is I can’t take him to school.  There is just far too much sick that lives there.  Also?  Me, the “reduce, reuse, recycle” queen?  Paper towels for handwashing are a must!  It’s gonna kill me.

The OffSpring just woke up.  Gotta jet.  More later.


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  1. Baita says:

    Yep, a plant. I was struck by the fact that the pesorn is “certainly not a religious pesorn” yet refers to “belied in OUR Judea-Christian (sic) heritage.” How does that work?And how could one “feel stifled, repressed or guilty for believing in it and exclaiming it” if one doesn’t hold to and express those beliefs (why would one express them if one didn’t believe them)?I’d put money down that this pesorn worked for the Romney campaign at the time of the speech.

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