Family Blood Draw

The family and I just got back from our blood draw. The clinic that does the matching is in Seattle. They will get the blood tomorrow and get to work. While parents can’t be matches (Gregory has 1/2 of mine and 1/2 of Larry’s DNA), they test our blood to project viability of transplantation.

Lots of positive thoughts for a match, please.  Our best chance is with a sibling donor.

A huge shout out goes to the Child Life Specialists. AnnMarie was so apprehensive. She held it together super well, yet I knew her little mind was racing. She flew through it with grace. Curtis was also fantastic. These helping hands are amazing.

I found out who our Transplant doctor will be. He is Dr Paul Carpenter in Seattle, WA.  Guess what?  He’s an Aussie.  I hope he still has a great accent. 

Gregory is still not eating real well.  He is currently napping.  His blood counts went down/up where they aren’t suppose to, again.

That’s all for now.  Gotta jet.


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