Sunday March 1, 2009

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SUNDAY, MARCH 01, 2009 04:38 AM, CST

How about something happy??? Lush accommodations, right. OK. This unit is only about 5 years old. The room is more of a suite. We have a huge picture window facing north with a beautiful view of the city. The kids love the view. We have our own fridge, plenty of drawers/cabinet space, a small desk area, a large sleeping ‘couch’, a huge wing back recliner, TV, VHS, DVD, private bath & radio/cd player. Gregory has his own X-Box, his own Nintendo DS to use while we are here. The have a huge supply of DVD available to watch. There is a great play room. If Gregory were well, he’d be able to play there. The siblings, though can use it. There is a Wii in the lobby. There is also fantastic services offered by the Ronald McDonald House Charities. A kitchenette on our floor with a dinning area, games, sitting area and a LARGE tv. Upstairs on the fourth floor is another Ronald McDonald area. This one has a FULL kitchen, sitting area, eating area, play area, giant TV, private rooms for family use, washer & dryer with all things need to get your clothes clean.

Sacred Heart also has a group of folks that work in the ‘Child Life’ department. These folks are amazing. There only job is to make sure that the patients AND the siblings are happy and having fun. There are daily activities, crafts, events and stuff to do.

I think I’ve covered everything we’ve discovered, so far. I know there more that has yet to be revealed. This is such a top notch facility. If you need to be in our situation, this is the place to do it.

Cool, huh!


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