Sunday March 1, 2009

Cross posted from The Greginator for posterity

SUNDAY, MARCH 01, 2009 12:35 AM, CST

Today I hit a wall. Well, it started last night. I just snagged a few hours sleep and feel better. This waiting is driving me nuts. There is plenty of time to worry and theorize.

Saturday was a day of visitors! Thank you to: Sharon, Karl, Elizabeth, Clara, Krista & Willow. I think I got everybody. Your warm faces, happy hugs and simple presence is so welcome.

Gregory is getting around, playing & laughing. His blood work is still not good. The three things I have come to worry about is his White Blood Count (WBC), Red Blood Count (RBC) and his platelets. All three are not where they need to be, yet they seem to be staying where they are at.

Not much else to report. See, you get to wait in suspense, too. Until later. Gotta jet.


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