A little herstory

When it comes to facts and figures, I don’t have ’em.  I only have my own experience.  When Curtis was in Primary (ages 3-6) Montessori we heard about this really great Montessori program in our public school district.  Since Curtis was about 2 years old, we knew there was something different about him.  Without going into the whole story…….. Fast forward about six years and we get a PDD/NOS, Asperger’s diagnosis.  He is incredibly smart, academically.  Emotionally, socially and behaviorally?  That is another story.  I liken it to about a three to four year developmental delay, in those areas.  He seemed to do really well in Primary Montessori.  We knew that we were going to run into all kinds of troubles if he were to be enrolled in “regular” public school.  So we went for the public Montessori.

It is a lottery process.  You attend an orientation session and fill out an information sheet.  This is done around late February/early March of the year before enrollment.  You then wait on tenterhooks until you receive your letter.  Usually around spring break.  I will never forget the day we received out letter.  I literally screamed with joy when I read it.  One of the beautiful things about our program, is that in order to respect families ability to get all siblings to school efficiently, there is a sibling rule.  Which, for us, means that AnnMarie and Gregory had a spot waiting for them.  AnnMarie has since started her first year with the program and Curtis is in his fourth.

I KNOW how fortunate we are to have Public Montessori.  We have incredibly committed teachers, parents and district support.  We are in our 23rd (or 22nd, not sure) year in the school district.  It all began many moons ago by devoted PARENTS!  I thank them daily.


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