Riane Eisler ~ I would love to meet her!!!

Why am I surprised at how interconnected things are.  A good friend of mine recommended  The Chalice and The Blade I picked up the book and started to peek around the interwebs for info on the author.  At her web site I find   Tomorrow’s Children.  At the top of the page is a quote from someone affiliated with Montessori.

All of her books are now added to my wish list.  I only wish I had the time to read them all.  NOW!

Life, events, people.  They all come full circle.  Everything I do, affects everyone else.  In some small way and vice versa.

Note to self:  Spend more time checking out this web site.  Additional resources?  Maybe.

The Montessori Foundation


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4 Responses to Riane Eisler ~ I would love to meet her!!!

  1. Janice Jaworski says:

    Mindi I live in Seattle and work with Riane – she will be here in May (1 and 2) for a conference – if you are able to get here I would most certainly put the two of you together –

    She speaks at the Montessori Conference next weekend in New Orleans so I expect you will see some information from that event

    Let me know if you have any suggestions and how I might help you – Also she has a book on Partnership Education that you might find interesting

    Janice Jaworski
    The Center for Partnership Studies

    • Mindi Finch says:

      Thank you so much for your generous offer!! There just so happens to be a possibility that myself and the three OffSpring will be in the Seattle area that weekend. We have something else planned for while we are there, but I might be able to sneak away. Will there be a social hour of any kind? If you would like I can be reached at mindithemagnificent@yahoo.com. Thanks, again.

      • Troy says:

        Working class men have historically held jobs in which they have a hihegr risk of injury than women. But, women have died or been seriously injured since time immemorial in childbirth. And it still happens not just in the developing world. We lost a very dear friend (at age 30) who was also a marathoner and an RN that way so that still happens even to exceptionally healthy women. People don’t like to talk about it because that isn’t supposed to happen these days. All it would take for those numbers to spike again is neanderthal policies towards women’s health. (*cough*) And that scenario is not so far-fetched anymore, is it? Statistically speaking, men may run a larger risk of job-related injuries but those jobs are also statistically better paying than typical women’s jobs in the same social cohort. Do they pay better because of the risks involved or is it because they are traditionally men’s jobs? Are the injuries altogether so inherent in those jobs or are the injuries made worse by a hihegr propensity for risk-taking by men? We could play that game all day long. All I know is that I am pretty damned tired of hearing about the so-called angry white male (all the while that whole drama monster is being aided and abetted by the likes of people like El Rushbo et. al. and such talk about legitimate rape or the pledge to repeal the Lily Ledbetter Act) and the attendant whine about unfairness from the likes of people like David Brooks. So now we learn that whining is a gender-neutral trait? Gee, who knew?!

      • Thinking like that is really amazing

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